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Viva questions for Physics are mainly based on concepts and topics from Physics textbooks. Here are the most common viva questions for Physics Class 11 and Class 12: Viva Questions for Class 12 Physics. What is Ohm’s Law? What do you mean ‘interference’? Define tangent law. Name the type of motion shown by the Torsional pendulum?

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Chemistry Practical Class 12 Volumetric Analysis Viva Questions with Answers Viva Questions with answers Question.1.What is a standard solution ? Answer. A solution whose strength is known is called a standard solution. Question.2.What is a normal solution ? Answer. A solution containing one gram-equivalent mass of the solute per litre of the solution is called […]

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Tennis Interview Questions ; Question 12. Who Is The Tallest International Basketball Player Ball Team In Usa? Answer : Juliana Semenova (Russia) 7 feet 2 inches. Football Interview Questions; Question 13. In Which Country Basketball Is The National Game? Answer : U.S.A. Polo Tutorial ; Question 14. When Was Women’s Basketball Included In The Olympics? Answer :

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Chemistry Practicals Class 12 Viva Questions with Answers Question.1. Why is a Bunsen burner provided with air holes? Answer. To regulate the supply of air. Question.2. What type of flame would you use for general heating purpose? Answer. A non-luminous oxidising flame as it gives maximum heat due to complete combustion of hydrocarbons. Question. 3. […]

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Important Questions for CBSE Board Exams Class 12 Accountancy as well as Viva Questions for 12th Practical Exams of Accounts are given below to free download in PDF form updated for new academic session 2021-2022. Download NCERT Books and apps for offline use based on latest CBSE Syllabus.

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Basketball Quiz Questions and Answers. 1. What is an alley-oop? A. The ball-handler throws the basketball near the basket to their teammate who dunks it in. B. The ball-handler rolls around their teammate to protect the ball from the enemy. C. The ball-handler throws the ball from the half-court.

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12. Passing is another skill that when mastered can help you become a complete basketball player. Basketball is a team sport that involves finding a teammate who is open for a shot. The ability to pass the ball to this player can make the difference between scoring and not scoring. Types of passes :- Chest passes 2.

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5. The Basketball poles should be at least 2 m away from the end line. 6. Now the throw can be given from the end line. 7. 30 second rule has been changed to 24 seconds. 8. Now there are four periods of the game i.e.10 – 10 – 10 – 10 minutes. 9. A rectangular shaped restricted area has been introduced.